International Electrochemistry Forum on Energy and Environment
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The 19th National Conference on Electrochemistry in China (NCEC), hosted jointly by the Chinese Society of Electrochemistry and Shanghai University of Electric Power with the assistance of Fudan University, is to be held in Shanghai from December 1 to 4, 2017. The subject of this conference is “Electrochemistry and Sustainable Development”.

NCEC, held every other year, is an academic meeting of electrochemistry of the largest scale and scope in China, providing a high level academic exchange platform. This conference, centering round the basis, application, and frontier issues in the development of electrochemistry science and technology, is to present the latest research development and achievements in the electrochemistry field in China, explore and discuss the opportunities, challenges, and future development direction of this field, promote the advancement and progress of electrochemistry discipline in China, boost scientific research cooperation and technology industrialization, promote the application of electrochemistry science and technology in energy, environment, material, and other important fields, and help achieve sustainable development of our society. “International Electrochemistry Forum on Energy and Environment”, to be held jointly with the Electrochemical Society (ECS), is also slated to take place on this occasion.

To present papers on the above subjects, this conference arranges academic exchange activities of varied forms, including report conferences, subject meetings, invited report meetings, oral report meetings; youth report meetings, and wall reports. The youth report meeting, specially created for this purpose, gives a great number of youth teachers and postgraduates an oral report opportunity for delivering a 10min report. In the course of the conference, products and instruments will be displayed and electrochemistry instruments incorporating new technologies will be introduced and explained.

December 1, all day long, is for check-in and registration.

On the morning of December 2 is the opening ceremony of this conference; Sino-American forum is to take place in the afternoon, on which well-recognized foreign and Chinese academicians and experts are invited to deliver fabulous conference speeches.

From December 2 afternoon, through December 3, and to December 4 morning, subject report meetings, invited report meetings, oral report meetings, and youth report meetings will be held at 12 different meeting venues, during which wall report exchange activities will be carried out at these venues; products and instruments will be displayed throughout this conference period.

December 4 afternoon is the time for conference reports and the closing ceremony.

All people who attend the “International Electrochemistry Forum on Energy and Environment” can consult the Prof Liu HaiMei in the title of the email: